Silvio Simac – Energy


Silvio Simac – Energy


Throughout the last 20 years that Silvio has been teaching martial arts and fitness, he has tirelessly striven to raise the profile of his sport through not only his competitive success but also throughout regular series of breathtaking demonstrations and public appearances often raising money for charities such as ShelterUNICEFFighting for CancerHelp a London ChildRomanian Orphans and numerous others.

It is Silvio’s iron will power, dedication, commitment, magnetism and success that has often gained him feature articles and front page of publications such as “The SunFHMCombatThe Mirror” and many other reputable journals.

Silvio is a great ambassador to his sport and a good role model for many to follow. With all these achievements under his belt Silvio Simac is destined to remain credible in the eyes of the sporting world yet raise his awareness as multi talented performer.


15th August 2018