Out for Vengeance

Out for Vengeance


Out for Vengeance is a Dutch action movie from 2019 by Salar Zarza . Zarza also plays the leading role.


Alan Barnas, a member of a special military unit abroad, comes back to the city for his mother’s funeral but is too late to frustrate his brother Sonny, who works with the police. One night, a brutal murder takes place in his neighbor’s apartment. Alan, witnessing the event, goes inside to help but is soon surprised by surrounding police officers while the killers have escaped. Alan shot, manages to escape arrest from the police. When police research points to Alan as prime suspect in the murder case, he goes under for the authorities to prove his innocence.

Soon Alan gets involved in dangerous circumstances because he gets on the trail of two rival crime organizations in the Benelux , who now make him the next target by sending murderers to him. Alan is in contact with the victim of the murder in the adjacent flat. When she realizes that Alan is not the murderer of her murdered friend, she decides to learn more about him. Eventually they fall in love.

The drug cartel, led by Mr. Scarf, decides to kidnap Vanessa for possible involvement and information that her ex-boyfriend may have left behind in connection with drugs stolen by him. Sonny, a policeman on the case, finally comes on the trail of the cartel but is hereby eliminated in a big explosion. Alan prepares and decides to take matters into his own hands. This is to the displeasure of his former MMA coach Tarik whom he asks for help, but Tarik refused. After he has heard of his murdered brother Sonny, he understands that there is no way out. With the help of Tarik and Superintendent Peter, it comes to a confrontation with the cartel during the dangerous search for Vanessa and an explosive pursuit.


  • Salar Zarza : Alan Barnas
  • Michel Qissi : Tarik El-Yuzdi
  • Silvo Simac: Galkin Bulgarov
  • Fernando Abadie: Sonny Barnas
  • Rupert Wynne-James: Vadim Bulgarov (Scarf)
  • Dorien Rose Duinker : Vanessa Smith
  • Bradley Bowen: Viktor Romanov
  • Najmeddin AlHadad: Artur
  • John Harvie Morrris: Andrei Andronikov
  • Ego Mikitas: Vladimir

Salar Zarza


4th July 2019